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Language Learner's Blog: French. NEW from Collins! The Paul Noble Method. Video: pronunciation of 'great'. Example Sentences Including 'great' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more….

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He said: 'It was a great day. One of the great modern managerial careers now hinges on a long shot. So how do they match up against the all-time greats? Le mode indicatif, c'est quoi?

When masculine, it means "post" as in "position" or "job" among other things , and when feminine, it means "post" as in "post office" or "mail":. Librairie "Livres in Room". Gender can be tricky in French, doubly so when you're dealing with words that can be both masculine and feminine. Remembering them is just a matter of practice. Nowadays, the bridge is protected by a wire fence. Le parc des Buttes Chaumont. It can also mean "a concern," as in something you really care about and pay a lot of attention to.

La grippe aviaire - Part 2. Did you know that in French, "a person" is always feminine, regardless of their gender? It was a Frenchman, of course. Espion dans l'immeuble - Part 2. The subject of the article is a man who made threats against police at the popular French tourist destination. Amerigo Vespucci - Part 4. Voyage en train - Part 1.

And its meanings don't stop there. Mesnil-Saint-Loup - moines artisans. La Croix-Rousse - Part 2. In this case it means "each" or, in a more direct translation, "apiece": While discussing pigeons in Paris with his friend Lea, Lionel brings up an amusing French idiom referencing those ubiquitous city birds:. Le parc de Bercy - Part 1.

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