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They are now officially my go to arborists. Yet another great experience with Urban Arborist! This time a huge catalpa tree fell down and I needed a quick response. Josef miraculously put a crew together within a day and dealt with the removal of this giant tree.

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I was traveling when the tree fell, but because of past experience with Urban Arborist, I could trust Josef and his crew to handle everything. Josef also advised me, with no pressure, to consider pruning another very large tree, to avoid another accident. It was a big job, but again, the crew was timely, efficient, absolutely protective of other plants in the garden, cleaned up thoroughly and did a superb job.

Briggs Nursery & Tree Co.

The newly pruned avocado is light and balanced - does NOT look like it had a bad haircut - and I couldn't be happier. Also, the price was better than 2 other companies I'd checked.

It's a good feeling to know I have a tried and true company I can always count on! Scott and the Urban Arborist have been helping our HOA deal with a large, diseased, complicated tree, advising us, writing reports, communicating with the DPW, cutting through the bureaucracy, and ultimately, with his crew, doing a superb job of trimming, thinning, and balancing the tree. Scott is intelligent, personable, generous with his time and advice, and a pleasure to deal with.

As president of our HOA, I speak for us all in complimenting him and the company.

We could not have hired a better commercial tree service for the job. First Name required. Last Name required. Your Email required.


Phone required. Address required. Is this an emergency? What tree work would you like an estimate for?

We’re a Tree City!

Front Back. Please add any relevant description of the site, or relevant notes about trees in question. Description of desired work. This is a simple request form to receive an estimate on tree work.

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It is especially helpful after PM when we no longer have someone answering The Urban Arborist phone line. Skip to content.

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About Us The Urban Arborist is a full-service tree company specializing in urban tree care and management. If you are altering the property adjacent to the City's right-of-way, you may not qualify for the free tree initiative.

What are some of the benefits of trees?

They also keep us cool, make the environment greener, and save us money on energy costs. To receive a FREE TREE for your parkway the area between your sidewalk and street curb , please review the conditions of agreement and fill out the below form.

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Watering Schedule. You must have Javascript enabled to use this form. By clicking the box below, you agree to the watering schedule noted above AND that the property for which you are requesting a tree, is in the City of San Diego limits. Skip to main content. Free Tree SD.