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But this is no ordinary ascent. It is a dangerous, symbolic act. And thanks to the media, it is an event witnessed by the entire world. Few people understand its consequence.

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For the Sancti, the cowled and secretive monks who live inside the Citadel, it could mean the end of everything they have built. They will stop at nothing to keep what is theirs, and they will break every law in every country and even kill to hold it fast. For American reporter Liv Adamsen, it spurs the memory of the beloved brother she lost years before, setting her on a journey across the world and into the heart of her own identity.

There, she will make a discovery so shocking that it will change everything…. FBI Agent J. Shepherd believes some of this might be related to an explosion at the Citadel, a secretive monastery in Ruin, Turkey; the viral outbreak that followed there; and the chilling disappearance of a woman named Liv Adamsen.

As strange events and natural disasters occur around the world, Liv searches for the final secrets of the prophecy, while inside the walls of the Ruin, her lover, Gabriel Mann, infected by the virus, battles to survive. Is this the end of days? Find More Posts by NightBird.

Hurricane Season is as much a richly-detailed, spot-on historical as a mystery, widely praised by masters of the genre and reviewers alike for its pitch-perfect period feel and fine, spare writing. And plural. He realizes it's time to change his life, but how can he stay sober without dying of boredom?

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Then homeless alcoholics begin to turn up dead, and one of these is Bruce's friend Godfrey, a cynical aristocrat with a trust fund and some secrets. Two old friends give Bruce a second chance and agree to help him with his investigation: his best friend, Jimmy, a computer genius and history buff who's been in AA for years, and Jimmy's girl friend Barbara, a counselor who sometimes crosses the line between helping and codependency.

Barbara works a night shift at the detox and confronts a counselor who might still be dealing drugs. Bruce gets a job temping for Godfrey's arrogant nephew. Between the three of them, suspects start piling up. A perfect book for readers who enjoy excellent writing, sly wit, and a classic mystery. After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life.

Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra-exclusive "wellness" resort shatters a quiet summer morning. One of Dr. Nicholas Black's high-profile clients, a beautiful young soap opera star, has been found dead, taped to a chair at a fully set table. Back in L. Just as she never imagined crossing the line with her prime suspect.

Immersed in the case, Claire finds herself drawn to the charismatic doctor, spending more and more time in his company--and in his bed. Now, to catch a killer, Claire will have to enter the darkest recesses of the human mind. But is Black leading her there to help her. Find More Posts by apesmom. Track Posts by apesmom via RSS. Sara uses herself as bait, but it all goes wrong.

Will Derek find her in time?

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All Sara wants is one drama-free weekend. What she gets is just another day of criminals, drugs, guns, knives. Quote: Across Bristol, there are a series of brutal murders. Each one is more horrific than the last. And each has one thing in common. Messages are scrawled in blood next to the bodies -- messages that refer to passages in The Bible.

It is the most baffling case of Parva Cororan's career. Is the killer a twisted religious fanatic? Or is something even more sinister? The murders coincide with the upcoming visit of a high-ranking Cardinal. Is the murderer trying to prove something to the Catholic church? CID Parva Cororan must work out why the killer is picking his targets What do the messages mean?

The Four Last Things (Simeon Grist Series #2)

And how is the murderer connected to the Catholic faith? As she starts to uncover the horrifying truth behind the killings, Parva begins to question everyone she comes into contact with. And as she digs into the toughest case of her career, the reality is far worse than anything she could have imagined. Find More Posts by ekaser. Track Posts by ekaser via RSS.


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Quote: Originally Posted by ekaser Timothy Hallinan is an author of In the wake of their recent breakup, Nikki would rather not deal with their raw emotional baggage. Eventually, the trail leads to Midnight Rider Productions, which has been producing episodic documentaries. Elmore Leonard fans should be pleased. Three years have passed since Ray burned a hedge fund manager on behalf of a pool of retirees, and now the money man is back for revenge.

The Four Last Things

While Ray unravels the plot and orchestrates some payback of his own, he unwittingly steps into the ultimate high stakes game. Falling in love with the beautiful physicist trapped at the edge of the burn was just bad timing. Some parts are tough, others are hilarious, but all of it's great. Jeff Johnson's writing is remarkable.

I go by material that is well written, never been seen in this kind of light before and tells a series of good stories. Kate Orsini and I agree that Jeff is one of the greatest novelists ever; he is one of the most lyrical writers, and his characters and storytelling jump off the page.

The Lucky Supreme Trilogy was acquired by Italian publisher Fanucci and optioned for television by the oscar winning Mark Harris of The harris company. Now I know Jeff Johnson can.

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A great talent, a pleasure to read. Superb Translation by tessa bernardi. Lucky Supreme By Jeff Johnson. Read the Interview in Rolling Stone. The Final Darby Holland Book is out! Higgins too long ago; thank goodness we now have Jeff Johnson. Deadbomb Bingo Ray is a shot of good old 70's muscle-noir for , written with a bounce and a turn of phrase that elevates it above the pack. If this guy's under your radar, recalibrate! It has more good ideas, great jokes, and splendid writing on one page than most books have in a full chapter. The pace is fast, the plot is racing and restraint has been kicked into the gutter.

What more do you want? Soon to be an audiobook!