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The movie is only 90 minutes long, so honestly there's not much room for a bathroom run. Whedon doesn't waste much time in this film, so you leave and you'll definitely miss something. That said, there is a scene involving the RV leaving the cabin that could be a good time to make a run. But make it quick!

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Any quotes in the movie that might make it into the mainstream? Geek lexicon? More than you can count. My absolute favorite: Do not read the Latin.

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Am I hearing rumors of a unicorn? It's Whedon, man. It could go either way. Do I need to get there in time to see some good trailers? They're showing the new trailer for Looper as well as a new horror film called Chernobyl Diaries that looks pretty scary from the same folks who brought you Paranormal Activity. And there was a very short teaser for Expendables 2. Do I need to sit through the credits for a bonus scene at the end?

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  8. There's no bonus scene at the end, nor are there any cut scenes spread around in the credits. Rate This. Director: Johan Bodell. Writer: Erik Kammerland.

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    Harry Caitlin Crommett Rose Erik Kammerland Sven Thomas Hedengran Edit Storyline A young couple visit a remote cabin in the woods but on the way meet a suspicious stranger who holds a murderous secret. This seems like the place to start an investigation; though in the back of your mind is the constant warning from the locals not to enter these forests. Those who enter, do not return.

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    Yourself and your crew are high on adrenaline and the hope of finding answers for the locals. While traversing the uneven trails of the forest you take out your notes from the conversation you had with the town's residences. Shining the flashlight down at the paper you begin reminding your crew what to look out for. Reminding yourself that this all has to be paranormal and you aren't in any danger, you push on. Nearing where the map indicates The Cabin should approximately be, you begin to maneuver more tactfully. The air begins to get colder, your breath glistening in the moonlight, anxieties rising.

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    One of your crew members motions to come this way, for they have found what looks like The Cabin that was described. You all make your way up the dilapidated stairs to the front door to find it unlocked.

    You enter with caution, the chill of the wind rushes into the cabin when you open the door. Filing in one by one you make your way into complete darkness. Your flashlights begin to flicker. They shut off.

    The Cabin at Hessinger-Lare

    Trying not to panic you begin hitting the flashlight on your hand, hoping for some sort of light. A quiet voice cuts through the deafening silence that lays over The Cabin The door slams behind you. You quickly realize you are not alone. Will you and your crew be able to find out what's going on here? Evade whoever inhabits this Cabin before it's too late?

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    Or will you become permanent residence? I've been three times so far, only won once, and loved every second of it. The time and effort put into their rooms is incredible and apparent from beginning to end.