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Esenin-Vol'pin, I. Delone, I. Malinovskaia, and N. Bukovskaia, speech by the prosecutor V. Mironov; speeches by defense laywers Sh. Melamed for Delone , N. Al'skii Kushev and D.

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Kaminskaia for Bukovskii and final statements of Delone, Kushev and Bukovskii. Bukovskii] , The decision repeats the verdict on the criminality of slogans carried by the demonstration participants under Art. Letter about distorted reporting on. Newspaper reported that all the accused pleaded guilty. Esenin-Vol'pin says that it is a mistake and demands correction. Article about the theory and practice of Russia's transition to socialism, critically analyzing the history of Soviet society of last 50 years from the position of Orthodox Marxism.

The author is G. Pospelov authorship is disclosed in Title page of English edition of V.

Supreme Court and the Head of the Ukr. Letter calling for the abolition of censorship and the introduction of the clause on the defense of persecuted writers to the Statute of the Writers' Union. A writer with year experience in literature P. Antokolskii writes in support of A. Solzhenitsyn's Letter] , Letter on censorship and samizdat in the USSR. Letter demanding that the novel "Cancer Ward" will be published immediately.

Solzhenitsyn's Letters] , Zimianin, Chief Editor of Pravda and by P. Fedoseev, Director of the Inst. Of Marxism-Leninism] , Zimianin speaks to journalists about the works of A. Solzhenitsyn, E.

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Evtushenko and A. Voznesenskii; Fedoseev tells writers interested in the "cult of personality" to turn attention to Mao Tse-Dung or Latin American dictators, and indirectly criticizes Solzhenitsyn. Voronkov's Letter to A. Voronkov's Letter] , Solzhenitsyn's letter with questions about slander against him and with the demand to immediately publish his works see AS The document has four enclosures see AS , , , Solzhenitsyn protests against publication of his novel in the West and demands it immediate publication in the USSR.

Solzhenitsyn threats to Prosecute "distortion of the text" Or arbitrary adaptation for cinema or theater. Solzhenitsyn's Letter, with Suggestion to Abolish Censorship] , Voinovich, V. Kornilov and F. Svetlov] , Both documents are in support of A. Solzhenitsyn's Letter see AS The talk was given to editors of "Mysl" publishing house. No full transcript of this speech is known to exist. Speech that the author planned to make in defense of Crimean Tatars at the Tashkent trial of 10 activists. Report to Soviet leaders and public in regard to the process of 10 Crimean Tatar activists in Tashkent.

Kochubievskii in Kiev] , Short digest of the session of Kiev Oblast court on the case of B. Kochubievskii, accused of "Zionist propaganda" Art. The prosecutor says that Kochubievskii was tried for slandering the Soviet state in vocal form, not for his wish to go to Israel, and had he not slandered the state, he would hardly have been prevented from emigrating. Complaint about the judge's refusal to admit friends of B. Kochubievskii to the courtroom at his trial. The trial of Gomer Baev.

Letters about persecution of Orthodox Christians. Letter thanking the readers and writers who sent Solzhenitsyn greetings on his 50th birthday. Collection of materials related to the Siniavskii-Daniel trial. The appeal calls for participation in the Pushkin Square demonstration on 5 December in Moscow. The appeal points out the persecutions of students of the humanity departments of Moscow State University and calls for vigilance and resistance. Siniavskii's Wife, M.

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Rozanova-Kruglikova, to L. The letter concerns the investigation of her husband's case. Letter of Iu. Daniel's Wife, L. The letter concerns the arrest of her husband, IU. Letter of IU. The letter demands to release her husband, IU. Daniel, and A.

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The statement reports that KGB threatened her and her son and asks for protection from such illegalities. Ginzburg to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, A. The letter is in defense of A. Siniavskii and Iu. Daniel, protesting against KGB interference in the affairs of literature.

Letter of V. Levin to Izvestia Newspaper , ca. Levin critisizes D. Eremin article "Perevertyshi" on Siniavskii-Daniel trial published in Izvestia.

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Gerchuk to Izvestia Newspaper , ca. Gerchuk critisizes D. Eremin article "Perevertyshi" published in Izvestia and Z. Letter of a Literary Critic I. Rodnianskaia critisizesD. Statement of V. Siniavskii , Ivanov found no reasons for criminal persecution of A. Siniavskii in his works published in the West. Letter of B. Pasternak to A.

Pasternak expresses his high praise for Siniavskii's article "Pasternak's Poetry. Letter of A. Yakobson to Moscow City Court , Yakobson aims to defend Iu. Daniel his works. Siniavskii and IU. Daniel's Works , ca. Sinyavsy and IU. Letter of I. Siniavskii , ca. Golomshtok gives literary and philosophical analysis of Siniavskii's works.

The letter requests the right to attend the trial.

The transcript also includes final statements of A. Brezhnev , ca. The letter calls either to reconsider the Siniavskii-Daniel trial or to pardon convicted writers. Daniel , The letter requests to release A. Daniel on bail. Open Letter of L.

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Chukovskaya to Mikhail Sholokhov ,. Daniel retracts the regrets he expressed at the trial. Open Letter of E. Henry to Ilia Erenburg , The letter concerns Erenburg's assessment of Stalin in the last chapter of his book "People, Years, Life. Duvakin for his Testimony on Siniavskii-Daniel trial. Duvakin, a witness at the Siniavskii-Daniel trial.