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Some later pick their own, and after he lost his eyes, he chose Zindani. Along the way, when the march would stop at a village to rest, Mr. Zindani, now 22, tall and handsome , would find a corner and lie down for a while, losing himself in thought.

Sometimes he would stand up, feeling his way around the mosque from column to column, following the voices to get closer to the discussion. Other times he would whisper the name of the fellow traveler he is closest to, whose shoulder he would hold onto during their long march. Kitab, a father of three whose birth name is Inamulhaq, joined the march along the way.

Zindani is also illiterate. But he is a poet. At home, he has 50 pages of original poetry that he dictated to his siblings. Their march passed through cities and villages. But often, they would find themselves in long stretches when it was just them, the sky above, the asphalt beneath, and the vastness of the desert all around. Even after I died, my eyes did not shut. Waiting for you, I remained looking at the door.

When Mr. Zindani tells his own story of life and love, he evokes a series of images — beautiful in their detail, heartbreaking for what he holds on to. When he was 7, his family lived in Gereshk, in Helmand Province. They farmed opium poppy, wheat and grapes along a main highway used by coalition forces to supply the military units that were pushing into what had been Taliban territory. One day, his father and uncle had cut down the poppies and were preparing the fields for a second crop, onions, when they were hit by an American airstrike, Mr.

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Zindani said. His father, Ghulam Wali, was 29 when he was killed. He was tall and wore his beard trimmed short, just like his son now. Zindani remembers family friends running kind hands over his head and handing him money. After the airstrike, Mr. She was also 7, and the two children were often together. When they played hide and seek, Mr. As the two grew close, Mr. But every time his mother visited the relatives, he would come with her, just to see the girl.

When did he know it was love? They were both They were walking to a shop.

She reciprocated, and they giggled. Over the years, Mr. Whenever the chance came up, he visited her, bringing gifts: a small ring, a comb, a pocket mirror. But that is not a typical attitude toward marriage in Afghanistan, and her father, coming from a rich background, did not see him as fit for his daughter. But Mr.

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She loved him. The stronger their love grew, the more difficult it would be for her father to stick to his opposition.

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The night before, Mr. Enlarged material powers spell enlarged peril if there is not proportionate growth of the soul.

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Each of these problems, while appearing to be separate and isolated, is inextricably bound to the other. I refer to racial injustice, poverty, and war. The first problem that I would like to mention is racial injustice. The struggle to eliminate the evil of racial injustice constitutes one of the major struggles of our time. In one sense the civil rights movement in the United States is a special American phenomenon which must be understood in the light of American history and dealt with in terms of the American situation.

But on another and more important level, what is happening in the United States today is a relatively small part of a world development. The great masses of people are determined to end the exploitation of their races and land. They are awake and moving toward their goal like a tidal wave. You can hear them rumbling in every village street, on the docks, in the houses, among the students, in the churches, and at political meetings.

That period, the era of colonialism, is at an end. East is meeting West. The earth is being redistributed. These developments should not surprise any student of history.

A War and Peace for our time

Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.

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The present struggle in the United States is a later chapter in the same unfolding story. Something within has reminded the Negro of his birthright of freedom, and something without has reminded him that it can be gained. Consciously or unconsciously, he has been caught up by the Zeitgeist , and with his black brothers of Africa and his brown and yellow brothers in Asia, South America, and the Caribbean, the United States Negro is moving with a sense of great urgency toward the promised land of racial justice.

Fortunately, some significant strides have been made in the struggle to end the long night of racial injustice.

Martin Luther King Jr.

We have seen the magnificent drama of independence unfold in Asia and Africa. Just thirty years ago there were only three independent nations in the whole of Africa. But today thirty-five African nations have risen from colonial bondage. In the United States we have witnessed the gradual demise of the system of racial segregation. The Court decreed that separate facilities are inherently unequal and that to segregate a child on the basis of race is to deny that child equal protection of the law. This decision came as a beacon light of hope to millions of disinherited people. Then came that glowing day a few months ago when a strong Civil Rights Bill became the law of our land 7.

This bill, which was first recommended and promoted by President Kennedy, was passed because of the overwhelming support and perseverance of millions of Americans, Negro and white. It came as a bright interlude in the long and sometimes turbulent struggle for civil rights: the beginning of a second emancipation proclamation providing a comprehensive legal basis for equality of opportunity. Since the passage of this bill we have seen some encouraging and surprising signs of compliance.

I am happy to report that, by and large, communities all over the southern part of the United States are obeying the Civil Rights Law and showing remarkable good sense in the process. Another indication that progress is being made was found in the recent presidential election in the United States. The American people revealed great maturity by overwhelmingly rejecting a presidential candidate who had become identified with extremism, racism, and retrogression 8.

The voters of our nation rendered a telling blow to the radical right 9. They defeated those elements in our society which seek to pit white against Negro and lead the nation down a dangerous Fascist path. Let me not leave you with a false impression. The problem is far from solved.

We still have a long, long way to go before the dream of freedom is a reality for the Negro in the United States.

The Tragedy of the American Military

To put it figuratively in biblical language, we have left the dusty soils of Egypt and crossed a Red Sea whose waters had for years been hardened by a long and piercing winter of massive resistance. But before we reach the majestic shores of the Promised Land, there is a frustrating and bewildering wilderness ahead.

We must still face prodigious hilltops of opposition and gigantic mountains of resistance. But with patient and firm determination we will press on until every valley of despair is exalted to new peaks of hope, until every mountain of pride and irrationality is made low by the leveling process of humility and compassion; until the rough places of injustice are transformed into a smooth plane of equality of opportunity; and until the crooked places of prejudice are transformed by the straightening process of bright-eyed wisdom.

What the main sections of the civil rights movement in the United States are saying is that the demand for dignity, equality, jobs, and citizenship will not be abandoned or diluted or postponed.

“Peace is its own reward.” – Mahatma Gandhi

If that means resistance and conflict we shall not flinch.