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It annoys Newie Girl, too, "but if there is still room for pedestrians to pass safely, it seems like no more than a means of raising revenue".

So how does one park in one's street without copping a fine or a spray? You should know where your property ends and the walkway begins, says Newcastle City Council compliance services manager Adam Gilligan. Even if it's covered in grass. Even if you mow the nature strip, that doesn't make it yours. The same goes for the top of your driveway, which brings us to a reader's question.

Car parks near Terminal 3 at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD)

Which means you can probably do it, because you're not going to complain about your own parking. Just know you're being judged. Neither do we. Is kerb OK?

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The Fairfax stylebook says: "jail, jailer - Not gaol, gaoler. But Old Melbourne Gaol".

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Can you park across the entrance to your driveway? By that method the value differential between the parking fee and the parking fine would be enhanced at the trivial cost of a few slide-rules.

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Two spaces after a full-stop, is it? It's been doing my head in. Seems like a very odd bug. I'll look into it later in the week.

The pound signs work fine until I preview the post, then they get converted into madness. Not sure whether it's the preview that doesn't like my double spaces Your email address will not be published. Skip to content BBC: Councils lobby government to raise parking fines … The British Parking Association argues that the differential between the cost of parking all day and the penalty charge for not paying it must increase in order for there to be a deterrent.

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