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As a result of these activities, political parties were eventually allowed in June This unrest was provoked by the arrest of Mohamed Nasheed — an open critic of the president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom — and the subsequent demolition of the Dhunfini tent , used by the members of the Maldivian Democratic Party MDP for their gatherings. Supporters of MDP were quick to demonstrate. They started calling for the resignation of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, soon after Nasheed's arrest. Several arrests were made on the first night followed by the demolition of the Dhunfini tent.

The demolition complicated the situation further provoking the unrest. The unrest grew violent on the third night, on 14 August , due to the methods used in the attempts by the authority to stop the demonstration. The unrest continued intermittently for three nights, from 12 to 14 August Almost a fourth of the city had to be cordoned off during the unrest. On 26 December , following the Indian Ocean earthquake , the Maldives were devastated by a tsunami.

Only nine islands were reported to have escaped any flooding, [34] [35] while fifty-seven islands faced serious damage to critical infrastructure, fourteen islands had to be totally evacuated, and six islands were destroyed. A further twenty-one resort islands were forced to close because of serious damage. The tallest waves were reported to be 14 feet 4. The protest movements brought about significant change in political structure.

A new Constitution was ratified in August , paving the way for the country's first multi-party presidential election two months later. The parliamentary election saw the Maldivian Democratic Party of President Nasheed receive the most votes with The government of President Mohamed Nasheed faced many challenges, including the huge debt left by the previous government, the economic downturn following the tsunami, overspending by means of overprinting of local currency rufiyaa during his regime, unemployment, corruption, and increasing drug use. Taxation on goods was imposed for the first time in the country, and import duties were reduced in many goods and services.

The Mosque in the Maldive Islands : A Preliminary Historical Survey

Social welfare benefits were given to those above 65 years of age, single parents, and those with special needs. On 10 November , Nasheed announced an intent to create a sovereign wealth fund with money earned from tourism that could be used to purchase land elsewhere for the Maldives people to relocate should rising sea levels due to climate change inundate the country. The government reportedly considered locations in Sri Lanka and India due to cultural and climate similarities, and as far away as Australia.

A series of peaceful protests that broke out in the Maldives on 1 May They would continue, eventually escalating into the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed in disputed circumstances in February Demonstrators were protesting what they considered the government's mismanagement of the economy and were calling for the ouster of President Mohamed Nasheed. The main political opposition party in the country, the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party Maldivian People's Party led by former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom accused President Nasheed of "talking about democracy but not putting it into practice.

Nasheed resigned on 7 February following weeks of protests after he ordered the military to arrest Abdulla Mohamed, the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court, on 16 January. Maldives police joined the protesters after refusing to use force on them and took over the state-owned television station [ which? The Maldives Army then clashed with police and other protesters who were with the police.

Education in the Maldives

All this time no one of the protester tried to invade any security facility including headquarters of MNDF. The Chief Justice was released from detention after Nasheed resigned from his post. Former President Nasheed's supporters clashed with the security personnel during a rally on 12 July , seeking ouster of President Waheed.

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Nasheed stated the following day that he was forced out of office at gunpoint, while Waheed supporters maintained that the transfer of power was voluntary and constitutional. Many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, were quick to abandon Nasheed, instead endorsing his successor. The United States backtracked in late in response to widespread criticism. On 8 October, Nasheed was arrested after failing to appear in court to face charges that he ordered the illegal arrest of a judge while in office. However, his supporters claim that this detention was politically motivated in order to prevent him from campaigning for the presidential elections.

In March the former president Nasheed was convicted under the country's terrorism laws for ordering the arrest of an allegedly corrupt judge in and jailed for 13 years. Maldives' international partners — including the EU, US, UK and the United Nations — have said his rushed trial was seriously flawed following a UN panel ruling in the former president's favour.

The Unseen Side of THE MALDIVES (Local Culture)

At the time Nasheed was jailed, President Mohammed Waheed Hassan announced a presidential election would be held in Former president Mohammed Nasheed won the most votes in the first round. Contrary to the assessment of international election observers, the Supreme Court cited irregularities and annulled it. In the end, the opposition combined to gain a majority. Abdulla Yameen , half-brother of the former president Gayoom, assumed the presidency.

Yameen implemented a foreign policy shift towards increased engagement with China, establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Bycatch in the Maldivian pole-and-line tuna fishery

Yameen employed Islam as a tool of identity politics, framing religious mobilisation as the solution to perceived Western attempts to undermine Maldivian national sovereignty. Yameen's policy of connecting Islam with anti-Western rhetoric represented a new development. On 28 September there was an assassination attempt on President Abdulla Yameen as he was returning from Saudi Arabia after the hajj pilgrimage. As his speedboat was docking at Male there was an explosion on board. Amid screams, the right door of the boat fell on the jetty and there was heavy smoke.

Three people were injured, including his wife, but the President managed to escape unhurt. In a probe of the explosion targeting president, on 24 October Maldives vice president Ahmed Adeeb was arrested at the airport upon his return from a conference in China. The government instituted a broader crackdown against political dissent. On 4 November , President Abdulla Yameen declared a day state of emergency ahead of a planned anti-government rally.

As a result, the Majlis passed the no confidence vote with a majority of 61 members favouring it, removing Adeeb from the post of Vice President in the process. Though the popular image of the Maldives is that of a holiday paradise, its radicalised youths are enlisting in significant numbers to fight for Islamic State militants in the Middle East. In the late s Wahhabism challenged more traditional moderate practices. After the tsunami, Saudi-funded preachers gained influence. Within a short period of a decade fundamentalist practices dominated the culture.

There are also lots of older militants and young guys look up to them. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was selected as the new presidential candidate [68] for the coalition of opposition parties in the election, when former president Mohamed Nasheed changed his mind about running.

Solih became the 7th President of the Maldives and the country's third democratically elected president. On 19 November, Solih announced that the Maldives is to return to the Commonwealth of Nations , a decision recommended by his Cabinet, considering that the Maldives was a Commonwealth republic from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Mosque in the Maldive Islands : A Preliminary Historical Survey - Persée

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    Education in the Maldives

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