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We highlight whenever a planet is moving through these sectors for you. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is particularly important to watch, as it always focuses on pleasure and where you are attracting blessings into your life. This is one of the most important tools that we focus on for predicting the best times for love.

However, if you have another planet moving through one of the romance or partnership sectors, such as Mercury the planet of communication , Mars the planet of passion and sex , or a larger planet like Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune , this will also give clues on how you can use this rare timing to bring in new love or deepen the one you already have.

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Get excited! Love is just around the corner — for every single sign. Just as there are wonderful times for love throughout the year, there are also times where you can turn up the heat in your sex life! Intimacy and passion are also activated during these times, often bringing forth an urge to merge with other people. The House of True Love 5th House brings forth casual love and passionate adventures — especially whenever Venus planet of love and attraction or Mars planet of passion and energy moves through it.

This means that your love life will be heating up tremendously and there will be a great opportunity for sexual activity. Sex will be fiery and exciting — so be sure to check each month to see if this is being activated for your sign. For committed partnerships, another area of your chart rules deeper unions that have had time to grow and a commitment is already in place the 8th House: the House of Sexuality. As always, we point out the key times — so be sure to mark your dates!

LoveScopes: What Astrology Already Knows about You and Your Loved Ones

New Moons in these specific areas of your life open a door to take action to increase the heat in your love life, whereas Full Moons bring a culmination — directly connected to the actions you took six months prior at the corresponding New Moon. These, too, will always be marked to help with your planning and allow you to watch how effective your original actions were. Want a personal reading?

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