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It is therefore advisable to avoid these substances if possible: Coffee including decaffeinated , mint notably in toothpaste , camphor, menthol, eucalyptus often found in vapour rubs and cold remedies. Keep remedies in a cool dark place away from strong smells and small children. Touch them as little as possible. Shake one pill into the lid of the bottle and put it onto the palm of the person taking the medicine.

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They should put it straight into their mouth allowing it to dissolve under the tongue. If possible the dose should be taken fifteen minutes before or after having anything to eat or drink, cleaning your teeth or smoking.

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Obviously this does not apply in an emergency where it should be taken as soon as possible. You can crush and dissolve remedies in water and sip them, but do not swallow the pill down with water, tea or coffee. Before repeating the dose, please consider the Law of the Minimum Dose carefully.

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If symptoms show no improvement or return persistently always consult a qualified homoeopath. If you already see a homoeopath regularly, please discuss self-prescribing with them. Use your instincts and common sense, if you are worried call for help first, then give the appropriate remedy whilst you are waiting for help to arrive. If in any doubt check for these… WARNING SIGNS If the person you are treating has any of the following seek expert medical help immediately: backache, or fever, with urinary infection bleeding, heavy or unexplained breathing, rapid shallow or difficult burns, severe or larger than your hand chest pain, severe confusion, following trauma or over-exposure to sun consciousness, lost or impaired convulsions delireum dehydration, especially in babies, small children and elderly drowsiness, unexplained or unexpected headache, severe fever, above Society tends to focus on the purely physical aspect of looking after our health namely: avoiding smoking; minimising caffeine and alcohol intake; eating a healthy, balanced diet; taking regular exercise and getting regular sleep.

This is part of a general tendency to look at the body as if it were a machine. The idea is that it will work well, provided it is maintained correctly. Emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being are often overlooked, but holisitic medicine sees these aspects as inseparable from the physical.

Although all of the suggestions listed above are valid, they can often seem impossible to someone who feels depressed, under stress or lacking in self-esteem. Being aware of, and expressing, emotions is vital to health and well-being. Negative thoughts can also be very debilitating. Fortunately in the past decade or more many people have realised they can dramatically alter and improve their health and their lives by breaking this cycle of negativity. However, perhaps it is spirituality that is the most neglected aspect of all in modern society.

Being in touch with our spirituality brings a feeling of connection, of oneness and a sense of purpose. For some this feeling comes from being a member of an organised religion, for others it comes during quiet moments of meditation or through experience of Nature and the changing seasons. Expressing creativity through music, drama or painting is another way to experience this connection.

Allowing time and space for this to happen, can be deeply life-enhancing. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We run our Introductory Workshops three times a year in both Dublin and Cork. The certificate programme consists of five themed workshops.

This is a follow on option from the one day Introductory Workshop outlined above. The HPC is run in both Dublin and Cork and will give you the extra skills and information you need to become a more effective home prescriber.

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On each of those days you will revisit case taking to hone your prescribing skills and to increase your confidence and ability. If you attend the full course you will receive a Home Prescriber Certificate. This will also entitle you to a discount on the first year of the four year course should you decide to enrol. If you are interested in enrolling in our professional training course we recommend that you attend one of the introductory workshops. Apart from the obvious benefits of attending the course it is also an introduction to the School itself.

Usually the rubrics ailments from shall be helpful to select remedies for specific causation. There are some great stalwarts who prescribe based on one or two keynotes for the cases with great success. Depending on the calibre and efficiency of the physician the prescription could be scientific, artistic, or intuitive. Materia medica such as Allens Key notes the striking symptoms of each remedies in bold letters.

In some other Materia medicas, this may be in italic letters. Constitutional Prescription. When accurately implemented, homeopathic constitutional care can elicit a profound healing response. Homeopathy can be extremely effective in treating chronic and long-term health problems through this approach. Thereafter the physician uses his wisdom to select the similimum. This need much expertise of a homeopath and also time consuming. Intercurrent Prescription.

Acute Intercurrent are those remedies given during an acute crisis in the management of a chronic case. This acute crisis may be due to any cause like getting wet, severe trauma, injuries, acute miasms, some epidemics, any exciting factor, etc , but it is different from the clinical picture of the chronic natural disease. Chronic intercurrents are those medicines which are usually given as anti-miasmatic remedies in the midst of the chronic treatment for miasmatic blocks, suppressions and obstacles to the cure.

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Miasms are, in brief, the tendencies and predisposition to certain diseases either inherited or acquired. Miasm as an invisible, inimical, dynamic principle which permeates into the system of a living creature, creating a groove or stigma in the constitution which can only be eradicated by a suitable anti-miasmatic remedy. These Miasms could be dormant or active If effective anti-miasmatic treatment is not given then the miasm will persist throughout the life of the person and will be transmitted to the next generation.

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Depending on the expression in a particular individual, the respective Miasm could be diagnosed and treated with an appropriate anti-Miasmatic remedy so as to achieve cure or open up the concealed diseases picture that may give new clues for selection of remedy. This method of prescription helps the physician mostly when there are acute infections with only common symptoms.

Nosological prescriptions are made when there is no or very less symptoms to individualising case. In such conditions certain remedies that were found effective in such conditions are routinely prescribed to take care of the acute symptoms. Also in case of epidemics, where most of the patients have the same set of symptoms, remedies that had given relief to the earlier patients are prescribed for that disease. Oraganopathic prescriptions are made based on the Paracelsus principle that the given drugs affect given organs parts by self elective preference.

From their experience, these experts have identified the special affinity of these medicines on special organs and used at random for affections. These are usually prescribed as rejuvenators of the organ. Pathological prescription is given based on the similarity to the disease process or pathological changes. Generally low potencies in repeated doses are effective for severe pathological conditions like cancer.

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Many mineral remedies exist naturally as salts. Mur is a synthetic form of Sodium and Chloride; Nat Mur is already available as a fully proven remedy. But in some cases wherein the symptoms of two mineral remedies appear some physicians prefer to give a synthetic prescription. For example, when a case looks like Cal Carb and Phos, one might give Calcarea Phosphorica, which is a synthetic form of those two.