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However, they did transfer Walker's 2nd BattleMech regiment to Apollo to garrison that world from pirate attack.

In My Time of Dying

There they faced the 13th Rasalhague Regulars. After some minor confusion, the Grave Walkers were able to counter the Regular's assault on the world. The Walkers offered the Regulars a chance to surrender, but the Kuritan unit fought until it was destroyed. TF Blizzard was assigned as one of the units to participate in the invasion of Vega with TF - composed of House units - in April of After securing Nasew, they moved to counter any Kurita units attempting retake Nasew.

Kurita's 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group launched probing attacks which were repelled.

Although turned back by the defenders, the 5th Amphigean's 3rd Battalion proved to be a worthy opponent. The Walker's allies, Snord's Irregulars , utilized a LosTech stockpile of Arrow IV artillery missiles to flush out the 5th and make them quit the planet. While these events were taking place, the 14th Legion of Vega had been held up at Vega's capital city of Neuascon. After forcing the 5th Amphigean to abandon the planet, The Grave Walkers and the rest of TF Blizzard were redeployed to reinforce the units besieging Neuascon.

Their arrival forced the 14th Legion's commander to abandon the planet to FedCom forces by June 21st. Assassins had injured the invasion force commander, General Nondi Steiner, placing command of the entire Vegan campaign in the hands of old-school officer Hauptmann-General Kathleen Heany.

Read e-book Gravewalkers: Dying Time

Her out-of-date tactics were no match for 2nd Dieron's commander who utilized Theodore Kurita's new theories on combat operations. The 2nd Dieron had nearly penetrated Neuascon when the Grave Walkers arrived to reinforce the Lyran defenders. Heany's poor command and disastrous decision making led to the Grave Walkers abandoning Vega in early August. Hauptmann-General Heany attempted to lay blame on the Grave Walkers and the Irregulars for the failure of the operation, but the mercenaries were exonerated by the MRBC for any wrong doing.

During the opening of the Clan Invasion , the Walkers faced their darkest hour. In March , the 1st Regiment of the Grave Walkers, under the command of Colonel Dennis Merwin, received satellite reports of Clan Jade Falcons' dropships approaching the planet in small numbers. Seeing this as sign of weakness, had his forces in attack the Falcons as they hot-dropped onto Bone-Norman's Red Stone Palace. The Walkers were able to beat back the initial attack, however shortly after this, reinforcements arrived and the battle turned against the Grave Walkers. The 2nd Regiment held out as long it could, making use of the planet's ancient fortifications to aid the defense, until they were forced to surrender.

Reduced to a battalion from a former command of over 2 regiments plus supporting elements, the invasion left the mercenary unit shattered.

The Walkers began to rebuild to regimental strength with battlefield salvage and the integration of new members during the s, but their demons from the past came back to haunt them. In they faced off against the Jade Falcons again, and history repeated itself. After being severely mauled on Kooken's Pleasure Pit. In an hour of fighting, the unit lost an entire Battalion of forces. Colonel Kirah managed win a personal trial of possesion for the right to invoke hegira , withdrawing from the planet.

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While the roots of the unit were lost during the Clan Invasion and the Jade Falcon Incursion into Lyran space, the Grave Walkers are once again in the process of rebuilding their command. The unit was reduced to several BattleMechs in a reinforced lance which included two Clan BattleMechs. Its vehicle support unit known as the Grave Walkers Minelayers, now consisting of only Jeeps and Flatbed trucks with LRM launchers used to disperse minefields. The unit reputation had suffered since the Falcon Incursion, its commander Lt. Colonel Tevdt had become drunkard due to his nervous breakdowns.

In , was the last straw for Walker's members when Tevdt signed a raid contract with Blackstone BattleMechs Limited to raid the Falcons' capital world of Sudeten.

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The unit rebelled and removed Tevdt from command and brought its only ranking officer left into command, now Captain Robert Prather of the Grave Walker Minelayers. At the urging of his men, Prather petitioned Lt. Colonel Daniel Allard of the Kell Hounds to allow his unit to disband and join the ranks of the Hounds.

However, Allard refused on grounds there were others units waiting to join the Hounds.

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