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But achieving a salty, bitter flavor from a sugary candy can be tough. Then came the really important decision: What color should Booger beans be? Naturally, slime green seemed to fit the bill.

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From start to finish, the production of one batch of Jelly Bellys takes 14 days. I stepped into the Booger bean-process about a week in, when the rank jelly centers had firmed up and were ready for their coating of snot syrup and sugar. To create the centers, the confectioners make a slurry of the edible snot, sugar, cornstarch, and water that heats up and gets deposited into hot molds before cooling in the "dry room"—whose warm temperature and low humidity are crucial to every bean's success.

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Two hundred pounds of jelly bean centers tumbled in front of me, ready to get boogered and sugared. In order to evenly coat all the beans, I would need to stick my head through the vat, getting a full facial of the putrid stench.

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I took a deep breath and winced—the saccharine factory air was starting to make me nauseous—and began pouring. It felt like a mask of earthy muck had been slathered all over my face. Three jugs in, I badly needed air, but the smell surprisingly got easier to stomach which explains why my liaison, Leonard, was laughing at my wimp ass—this stuff doesn't even phase him anymore.

Just as I had started to recover, it was time to taste. I insisted we do this outside; a day of loud machinery and noxious smells had left me with a dull, throbbing headache. I bit off half a bean and braced myself. There was that dirt funk I was now so familiar with. Ugh, and then so much saltiness. I had to spit it out.

Jana, the communications manager, snickered from the sidelines like a mad scientist.

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Okay, so Jelly Belly won this round. Call me a coward—I'm cool with that. They managed to make a candy that makes me want to gag when I think about it. As we packed up, Jana had some last words: "The stench lingers," she said.

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But, suddenly, this little girl has something slimy in her toes! What could this be?!?! See what happens when her mommy explains what that clear, gooey thing is!

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