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We are proud to protect your historical rights and we will keep on doing just that. Bernard Landry et M. Jean Bienvenue. On va mettre fin aux nominations partisanes. On doit renverser cette tendance. Je suis convaincu que, tous partis confondus, on peut partager cette noble ambition. Et elle ne sera pas obligatoire. Ensuite, en les entourant de professionnels qui vont pouvoir les soutenir. Un bel environnement favorise le climat de travail pour les enseignants.

Augmenter notre niveau de richesse va nous permettre de nous offrir de meilleurs services publics dans tous les domaines. Mais il y a autre chose. En ce moment, il y a beaucoup de bureaucratie inutile. Sortez les projets de vos tiroirs et venez nous voir. The education sector must be prepared for the imminent impact of artificial intelligence — most importantly on the new skills that will be needed, the integration of AI tools into the education system, the place and role of the teacher as well as of schools themselves as spaces for learning and socialization.

These are all issues bringing hopes and begetting fears, inspiring both realistic and far-fetched forecasts, and demanding careful reflection about what kind of future we want. He is also the director of company which specialises in guiding clients through the transformations brought about by so-called disruptive technology.

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As someone working at the heart of the Digital Revolution, he is aware of the impact this will have on our lives in areas as diverse as ecology, medicine, health education and unskilled employment. These breaks with the past pose problems to society at large as well as to businesses of all sizes. In this session, Adam will explore cutting edge findings straight from the laboratories of psychologists and cognitive scientists across the world. The theories and models created by these academics are not always readily transferable to the classroom, and Adam's session will look at how these theories can be triangulated with other sources of evidence and packaged into "classroom ready" impactful tools and techniques which can be easily implemented by teachers on a day to day basis.

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Adam is a science teacher working at a school in North London. As a lead practitioner for evidence based practice, he specialises in applying the findings of cognitive sciences to education in developing teaching expertise. He writes regularly on schools, science and education and has presented at a number of national conferences. Alvin Carpio currently runs United Citizens, a global movement committed to shaping the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind.

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Hear him speak with his former teacher, Kim Kovacevic, who once nearly banned him from participating in a mock election at school before giving him a second chance. That mock election gave Alvin his first experience of political campaigning. He has since gone on to campaign on issues of social justice and human rights, and to advise governments and multinational corporations. In he was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work in law and policy.

Alvin Carpio is founder and Chief Executive of The Fourth Group , a public advocacy group established to shape tech for all, leaving nobody behind. Previously he spent the last decade campaigning on human rights and social justice issues as a community organiser and lobbyist for people in poverty. Most recently The Fourth Group launched a new global democratic membership organisation called The Fourth Group to bring people together to address global issues.

WomenED began with a group of women drinking coffee after a twitter conversation and reactions to some blog posts about women in education leadership. The national leaders will be interviewed on a panel chaired by Jules Daulby, also a national leader, to talk about what impact WomenEd has made and themes in their book.

PDF Eduquer à la motivation : Cette force qui fait réussir (French Edition)

It has enabled her to utilise the skills she gained in various roles to significantly improve standards of attainment for pupils who were previously under-attaining. These have consisted of teacher, lecturer, ITE tutor, examiner, senior leader, adviser and senior officer roles in three LAs. She is also a trained Ofsted inspector.

The common denominator in all these roles has been her desire to work with teachers and senior leaders to improve educational outcomes for pupils with specific needs who, with additional support, can and do achieve highly. She is immensely privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with so many schools to achieve this goal.

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Sameena feels that much more work needs to be done to improve representation of female colleagues into senior leadership posts across all sectors of education and has a particular interest in ensuring that there is diversity in leadership. As ever more evidence emerges of the decline of teenage mental health governments and parents are increasingly turning to schools to provide front-line support.

MeeTwo is a multi-award winning app that helps anxious teenagers talk about difficult things and get immediate support. In this talk we will introduce how MeeTwo works and examine the insights into youth mental health that we are discovering by listening to young people and observing how they help each other.

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We will explore the role that teachers can play to both reduce stress factors and help equip young people with the skills and tools needed to cope with anxiety. This talk is ideally suited to young people who want to learn more about youth mental health and MeeTwo as well as teachers who want to gain a better understanding of how to support their students.

Dr Kerstyn Comley is an education technologist, volunteer teacher and co-CEO of MeeTwo Education which has created MeeTwo a multi-award winning app that provides teenagers with mental help.

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For the past two years MeeTwo has been named as one of the most inspiring innovations in education in the world by HundrED. In , in response to a shortage in local secondary school places Kerstyn led a project to open a new Free secondary school in East London. Kerstyn continues to support the school as both a volunteer teacher and Chair of Governors. She started out her teaching career as an English and Drama teacher and until December, was Director of Education for literacy charity, Driver Youth Trust. She has a particular fascination with inclusive design of knowledge organisers, text books, worksheets and presentations.

Jules believes that all behaviour is communication and accountability pressures can sometimes create environments where students with SEND are not valued. It is her ambition to persuade OFSTED to reward inclusion rather than exam results and push the DfE into making exams more accessible for young people who have speed of processing and memory difficulties.

Jules is a prolific blogger and tweeter and co-founder and national leader for the grassroots organisation, WomenEd created to support existing and aspiring women leaders. A lot works in education, but nothing works all of the time. But just like when you use salt and pepper in the kitchen, too much or too little can make a huge difference when working on feedback, metacognition, etc… This presentation is based on the new book with the same title.

Pedro De Bruyckere has been an educational scientist at Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent, Belgium, since He co-wrote several books on youth and education in Dutch and is an in-demand international public speaker on education. One of his strongest points is that Pedro is funny in explaining serious stuff. He is also an avid blogger on new research in education. The talk features a variety of different ways of looking at how to tackle the current crisis of environment endangerment and wildlife protection.

Guide Eduquer à la motivation: Cette force qui fait réussir (French Edition)

It also considers my own point of view and what i do to work towards conservation and it will look at easy steps that everyone can take to ensure that our world lasts an extra years. Aryaman is a grade 11 student at Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland, with a deep interest in wildlife since early childhood. Since then approximately 2, volunteers have signed up with this foundation. David Didau is the author of several books on education and is a prominent - and often provocative - blogger and commentator on social media.

He has worked as both a teacher and teacher educator and now leads training and consults in both the state and independent sectors, both in the UK and across the the world. Currently he is leading the design and implementation of a new curriculum for a multi-academy trust. His latest book is entitled, Making Kids Clever: A manifesto for closing the advantage gap. An intrinsic feature of human cognition is indeed the difficulty to transfer to a context Y a skill that has been learned in context X.

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One solution is to train that skills across multiple contexts X1, X2, X3,… but this is time consuming. A second approach is to avoid transfer, i. A third approach that underlies our REALTO platform is to capture experience at the workplace through various means pictures, videos, documents and feed the training sessions with this authentic material. If the participants come from various departments, these various contexts will hence be present during the training sessions. We recently went one step further: augmented reality enables your employees to explore contexts that they did not encounter in reality.

My videos will make this smoky statement more concrete.