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Please direct inquiries to the Acquisition Editor for early modern studies, Arjan van Dijk, dijk brill. A peer-reviewed book series that provides a forum for investigations of aspects of the medieval world from a textual and cultural perspective, using an interdisciplinary approach. This series examines a varied range of social and cultural issues like language, identity, monstrosity, gender, race, religion, injustice, medical treatment, death, and grief through the whole medieval period, ca.

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Innovative and interesting cultural and intertextual studies from all geographical regions of the medieval world are welcome. The series will contain monographs, edited volumes, and critical editions and other works of reference. Queries and submissions may be sent to the Series Editor, Larissa Tracy, tracylc longwood. Intersections is a peer-reviewed series on interdisciplinary topics in early modern studies. Contributions may come from any of the disciplines within the humanities, such as history, art history, literary history, book history, church history, social history, cultural history, and history of ideas.

Each volume focuses on a single theme and consists of essays that explore new perspectives on the subject of study. The series aims to open up new areas of research on early modern culture and to address issues of interest to a wide range of disciplines. The Library of the Written Word is an international peer-reviewed book series that publishes monographs, edited volumes, source materials and bibliographies on a variety of subjects, related to the history of the book, magazines and newspapers.

The series invites studies in codicology, palaeography, typography, economic history of the trade and the technology of printing. Analytical bibliographies as well as editions of key sources can be included, and studies on the cultural and political role and impact of the written word are also welcome. Where possible, the economic aspects of the book trade should be included in studies published in this series. The Manuscript World investigates the forms, functions and impact of books, individually and collectively, in their cultural contexts, from Antiquity to the Renaissance.

Extending from the era of roll books, through that of the monastic scriptorium and then on, via the age of professional scribes and illuminators serving scholars and princes, to the point when manuscript-makers were responding to the challenge of printing, this long period embraces a sequence of profound changes in the nature of the book. The Manuscript World accordingly explores the many roles of the hand-written book in all its manifestations, across more than a millennium of human history. The Handpress World explores the impact of the invention of printing by moveable type from the first experiments of the incunabula age through to the end of the eighteenth century.

In this crucial period of book history the new technology both transformed established markets for scholarly and religious literature and found a new public through the rise of the pamphlet and later the newspaper. The series will investigate every aspect of this cultural transformation, from the promotion in print of the great intellectual movements of the day through to the birth of the public library. The Industrial World is a peer-reviewed series that explores the ways that industrialization has shaped the production, distribution, and reception of books from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day.

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  8. This period is marked by the introduction of new technologies -- not just of manufacture, but also of transportation and communication -- that have profoundly altered the ways that books are created and circulated and that have, among other things, enabled the rise of international publishing conglomerates that can reach a global mass market. The series investigates every aspect of the book in the industrial world, from the reorganization of the book and publishing trades to the present impact of digital texts and the internet.

    Please direct inquiries to the Acquisition Editor for book history, Arjan van Dijk, dijk brill. Ludus intends to introduce those interested in literature, in the performing arts, or in history to the various aspects of theatre and drama from the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance. It publishes books on closely defined topics, mostly seen from a comparative point of view. This innovative series seeks monographs and essay collections that investigate how notions of space, geography, and mapping shaped medieval and early modern cultures.

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    While the history of cartography has traditionally focused on internal developments in European mapping conventions and technologies, pre-modern scribes, illuminators, and printers of maps tended to work in multiple genres. Spatial thinking informed and was informed by multiple epistemologies and perceptions of the order of nature. Maps, Spaces, Cultures therefore integrates the study of cartography and geography within cultural history.

    It puts genres that reflected and constituted spatial thinking into dialogue with the cultures that produced and consumed them, as well as with those they represented. The editors welcome submissions from scholars of the histories of art, material culture, colonialism, exploration, ethnography including that of peoples described as monsters , encounters, literature, philosophy, religion, science and knowledge, as well as of the history of cartography and related disciplines.

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    They encourage interdisciplinary submissions that cross traditional historical, geographical, or methodological boundaries, that include works from outside Western Europe and outside the Christian tradition, and that develop new analytical approaches to pre-modern spatial thinking, cartography, and the geographical imagination.

    Medieval and Renaissance Authors and Texts is a peer-reviewed book series focusing on the authors and the Latin and vernacular literatures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance ca. Volumes include original scholarly monographs, article collections, as well as editions of primary sources, and translations. All methodological approaches -- including interdisciplinary ones -- are welcome.

    Philogical Encounters Monographs is dedicated to the historical and philosophical critique of philology.

    Rockefeller Foundation, Culture and Creativity, August 13,

    The series encourages critical and comparative perspectives that integrate textual scholarship and the study of language from across the world. The series is open to contributions in all fields studying the history of textual practices, hermeneutics and philology, philological controversies, and the intellectual and global history of writing, archiving, tradition-making and publishing. Neither confined to any discipline nor bound by any geographical or temporal limits, the series takes as its point of departure the growing concern with the global significance of philology and the potential of historically conscious and politically critical philology to challenge exclusivist notions of the self and the canon.

    Philogical Encounters Monographs is a supplement to the journal Philogical Encounters. The series publishes editions of primary sources, translations in combination with critical editions, and thematic reference works "Companions" or similar of enduring value, for which a printed volume is the appropriate medium.

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    6. Books in the series are simultaneously produced in electronic format. Note: submitters should be "RSA members in good standing". Brill's Scholarly Communication offers a new venue for original studies into the mutual shaping of reading, writing and scholarship in the past, present and future.

      It also welcomes manuscripts that interrogate this mutual shaping with respect to science. The series aims to bring together insights into the literate nature of scholarship and scholarly activity from across the entire spectrum of social sciences and humanities disciplines, emphasizing work aimed at understanding change in reading, writing and scholarship. The focus in this series is less on disciplinary specificities than it is on topical and imaginative contributions to scholarly literacy in the widest sense.

      English is presupposed. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions is a peer-reviewed book series that provides a forum for monographs and text editions on subjects pertaining to the watershed between the Middle Ages and the Reformation. There is a wealth of subject matter to be found in the correlation and mutual interpretation of all three areas of specialization -- Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation studies. In encouraging the pursuit of the social history of ideas, Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions pays equal attention to political, cultural and religious history.

      This series encompasses books on aspects of publishing and printing history -- on the impact of print and the means by which the printed word was prepared for public consumption -- from Caxton to the present day. Over the next few years volumes will appear on topics ranging from book production in the fifteenth century to the exploitation of mass-market fiction in the nineteenth century. There will also be major editions of correspondence between authors and publishers. All are important for students of literature and cultural history as well as for bibliographers and historians of publishing and printing.

      Contact Emily Hockley, Acquisitions Editor for Literature, in the first instance: ehockley cambridge. See also information for authors. Elements in Shakespeare Performance emphasizes scholarship with direct bearing on contemporary Shakespeare performance: specific performances; material and social practices; ideological and cultural contexts; emerging or significant artists.

      The series seeks a wide range of analytic commentary, and indeed commentary not only on a diversity of current productions, and analysis of earlier productions that bear directly on the critical, ideological, and practical landscape of performance today, but also on how performance itself can provide a mode of inquiry. Rather than defining a narrow range of topics, as a traditional publishing series might do, Elements in Shakespeare Performance instead encourages essays across the wide range of historical and contemporary Shakespeare performance.

      That said, it is important to underline that we encourage essays to consider Shakespeare performance broadly, in any medium, including written media, and understand performance as both an object of analysis, and also as an instrument of analysis, a participant in a dialogic critical process. Note: titles in the series will be concise 20,—30, words in length , updatable annually , and available in HTML, PDF, and print. It publishes book-length studies and essay collections on English language and linguistics, on English and American literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present, on the new English literatures, as well as on general and comparative literary studies, including aspects of cultural and literary theory.

      See also production information. The aim of this English-language series on medieval studies is to establish a methodical, discerning connection between text analysis and cultural history. The series addresses the fundamental cultural themes of the medieval world from the perspective of literary studies and the humanities. These fundamental themes are the culture-formative conceptualizations, world views, social structures and everyday conditions of medieval life, namely, childhood and old age, sexuality, religion, medicine, rituals, work, poverty and wealth, superstition, earth and cosmos, city and country, war, emotions, communication, travel etc.

      Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture pursues important current discussions in the field and provides a forum for interdisciplinary medieval research. The series is open to anthologies as well as monographs. The aim of the series is to present compendium-like works on the central topics of medieval cultural history that provide a sound overview of a limited subject area from the perspective of various disciplines. On the whole, the series thus presents an encyclopedia of medieval literary and cultural history and its main topics.

      Contact Dr Jacob Klingner jacob. The EMC Imprint as a peer-reviewed press is not only an innovation in digital publication intended to exploit the multiple media of the web.

      Prof. Dr. Christel Stalpaert

      It is also an innovation in funding such publication. The Imprint ensures rigorous peer-review, a press affiliated with an internationally recognized Center, a sophisticated publication platform, and a co-ordinating editor to advise you in publishing your project. Whenever possible, we aid in the funding costs for additional web work or copy-editing, but we expect those who seek to publish in the Imprint to obtain a subvention from their institution to help with additional costs. Email the Lead Editor, Andrew Griffin griffin english.

      The EMC Imprint accepts proposals of pp. If the Board agrees that the project is viable, and a member of the Board agrees to serve as Coordinating Editor for the publication, the contributor will be asked to provide a more detailed pp.

      Theatre Journal

      On the advice of the reviewer and evidence that the contributor can help to support the publication costs, the production will proceed with the understanding that the reviewer will provide feedback for possible revision before publication. This is a series of solo-authored monographs on the interpretation of Renaissance culture, focusing primarily on the English Renaissance, but including work in a range of vernacular languages, as well as work on the reception and transformation of the Greco-Roman literary, political and intellectual heritage.

      To date, disciplinary divisions have tended to insulate critical interpretations of material culture from those of political and intellectual history, or of legal and political culture from the literary, or of religious discourse from, say, the development of economic thought. While New Historicism encouraged a turn to the material and social in literary interpretation, the promise of a 'poetics of culture' has been eclipsed by the Shakespeare industry, which continues to naturalize and universalize the object of study.

      This series will, by contrast, offer readers: interdisciplinary studies that involve close, detailed and sophisticated readings of Renaissance texts and cultural objects; explorations of hitherto unnoticed connections between the literary and the development of other areas of thought and discourse for example, international law; natural philosophy; commerce and trade ; theoretically informed interventions, which reflect critically on what modern critical theory itself owes to Renaissance culture; and, significant reinterpretations of both major and less well-known texts and genres of the period, and reassessments of the meaning of their cultural legacy.

      Edinburgh Critical Studies in Shakespeare and Philosophy takes seriously the speculative and world-making properties of Shakespeare's art. Maintaining a broad view of "philosophy" that accommodates foundational questions of metaphysics, ethics, politics, and aesthetics, the series also expands our understanding of philosophy to include the unique kinds of theoretical work carried out by performance and poetry itself.

      These scholarly monographs will reinvigorate Shakespeare studies by opening new interdisciplinary conversations among scholars, artists, and students. An invaluable resource for all students of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, each volume in this series provides an authoritative and up-to-date survey of a Renaissance genre or major dramatist's work with a focus on the plays in performance.

      Each guide provides: An informative account of the writer's entire dramatic output, with an emphasis on those plays most frequently studied at university, college and school; detailed and relevant contextual information on history, culture, politics and biography; a lucid survey of important recent criticism; and original critical readings of the major plays.

      Fairleigh Dickinson University Press has established a new Series devoted to publishing scholarly works on the theatrical dimensions of the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.