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I cut a few 1-mana red cantrips, a Tormenting Voice , and I added a land.

What about the deck being less versatile? Post-board I wanted to be able grind games, especially against control. I was liking my list a lot, and was ready to register it for my next tournament—the Magic Online Championship Series Monthly. I kept thinking about the good times I had with turn-2 Goblin Electromancer.

What if I only played two?

Francis Drake - Ages of Exploration

That sounds crazy, but it also makes sense. I only want it early. Now I can start playing Radical Idea main deck too. It was excellent. This is the 75 I registered at the Pro Tour. In fact, there were a few things I did wrong. My testing for the week leading up to the Pro Tour revealed that White Weenie was pretty good, and I even thought it would be the most played deck it ended up being the second-most played deck. I was losing game 1 too often and post-board Fiery Cannonade was rarely good—they would adapt to it fairly easily.

I tried Dual Shot as well. It was mediocre. But you can now catch up in games where you fall behind because of Clarion. Splashing just for Deafening Clarion was actually smart. You have Goblin Electromancer , which is a bit weird, but only a few, and you can always plan for it with all your card selection and looting. Adding Blink of an Eye was a concession to Conclave Tribunal.

Setting Sail

I thought it was a great way to kill them by surprise later in the game. Early you play your Drake, they Tribunal it, you continue playing control, and then bam! End of turn you get it back and swing for lethal. While the 4-mana one is a better Magic card by a lot, the 3-mana price tag is much more efficient in the format. Being able to play a threat on 3 instead of 4 proved to be game changing very often.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy STORY Review (SPOILERS) - Close to Greatness

It seemed like every deck was tuning to be faster and it was imperative to impact the board as soon as possible. Invoke the Divine is a nice 1-of I could now play with my white sources. I lost two matches at the Pro Tour, most likely because I decided to run Sarkhan, Fireblood and did not notice the fact that Jeskai Control lists were all evolving toward playing tons of Crackling Drakes. I should have run Murmuring Mystic instead. IGN Entertainment, Inc.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine. Future plc 2 : PlayStation Magazine. Future plc : No, this was, ah I, y'know, kind of inherited it. Elena : "Sic parvis magna"? Nathan : "Greatness from small beginnings" — it was his motto.

Weekend Roundup – November 15th-17th

Check out the date. Elena : 29th of January, Nathan : One day after he supposedly died. Elena : Wait, what are these numbers, right here? Nathan : Coordinates. Right off the coast of Panama. Elena : Oh, so that's how you found the coffin. Naughty Dog 19 November Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. PlayStation 3. Sony Computer Entertainment. Sully, it wasn't a city of gold, it was this. It was a golden idol. I think I know where the Spanish took El Dorado. Damn it! If the Spanish found the treasure, they had to've moved it there, to that island.

And Drake followed 'em. Nathan : Huh. Elena : I don't know, Nate I mean, how much do you trust this guy? It's not exactly like they're holding him at gunpoint.

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Nathan : I know. Yeah, it seems weird. But no. Sully's a lot of things, but he's not a back-stabber. Which way were they headed? Elena : Uh Yeah, towards the mountains. Nathan : Okay, it's gotta be the monastery. Let's go. They don't know what they're dealing with! Sully : What are you -? Nathan : I don't know how, but that statue destroyed the whole colony, and it killed the Germans too. Nathan : Drake didn't want to get the treasure off the island, Sully. He was trying to stop it from leaving! Sully : What? Nathan : It's cursed or something.

Sully : Oh, Nate, for God's sake You don't know what you're doing.

Francis Drake

Navarro : Wrong. I'm the only person on this island who knows what the hell he's doing! Do you have any idea what this is worth, to the right buyer? Oh God Can you stand? Elena : I'm okay I'm okay. Nathan : Are you all right? Elena : Oh — Nate! Nathan turns to see Navarro standing up. Nathan : Watch out. Nathan pushes the helicopter off the side of the platform.

Nathan : Adios, asshole. Navarro : Huh? The rope connecting the statue and the helicopter is tangled in his legs and drags him across the floor and into the sea.

Did Drake Really Do It?

Elena : Oh my — Sully's boat arrives, and they wave to him. Elena : Oh Quite a day. Elena : Ah, that's all right. There'll be other stories. You still owe me one. Nathan : I'm good for it.