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Action: Your controls are in manual gas mode, but the flame fails to ignite.

Sie interessieren sich für ein gebrauchtes U.S. Fahrzeug?

Check if your gas cylinder is empty or if one of the shut off valves is in gas mode until flame ignites. Contact your dealer or a Thetford Service Centre if the problem is not resolved. Action: Your controls are in manual DC mode and the engine of your vehicle is not running. The refrigerator can only cool on 12V when the engine of your car is running. Start the engine or select a different energy mode. Start the engine, connect the V supply or open the gas supply and reset the refrigerator by turning it off and on again.

Action: Check if the connector above the fin on the inside of the cabinet is correctly plugged in. If so contact your dealer or a Thetford Service Centre. Depending on specification, your tourer may be fitted with a 20w solar panel and regulator. This solar panel and regulator will provide additional 12v power whenever sunlight is available to the panel.

The solar panel can be used to:. The use of the solar panel does not enable the use of any v appliances or systems it only supplies a 12V feed. The amount of power available from the panel is a maximum of 1. This figure assumes the panel is in direct sunlight in perfect conditions, and is a much lower figure than that which is available from the on-board battery charger approx.

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Aside from low light levels, there are various factors which can reduce the amount of power available from the panel:. Please consider the above factors when positioning the tourer, particularly for storage, and where practical and safe please consider cleaning the surface of the panel as part of the cleaning routine for your tourer. It is possible to fit additional solar panels, which will increase the amount of power directed to the leisure battery when sunlight is available, and there is an electrical connection underneath your existing panel which will simplify the fitting of additional panels.

The tyre pressures, for your vehicle, can be found in multiple locations. The most common issue related instability of a caravan while being towed is an incorrect nose weight for the outfit or the incorrect position of the vehicle towball. On the assumption the vehicle nose weight is correct for the outfit, the vehicle towball height should be checked.

The correct height of your vehicle towball is mm — mm vertical height from the ground, with the vehicle loaded, but without the caravan attached.

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Pressure switch adjusting screwA pressure adjusting screw is present at the plumbing end of the pump. This pzi head screw should be turned clockwise to increase the pressure at which the pressure switch cuts power to the pump, turning the screw anti-clockwise will reduce the pressure at which the switch cuts power to the pump. The pump would have left the factory pre-set at either 20psi or 30 psi depending upon the age of the vehicle - Older vehicles without an accumulator were set at the lower pressure setting.

Turning the screw past this point may damage the pump. Accumulator pressure adjusting valveAn accumulator is fitted with some Shure-Flo pumo installations.

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The pressure within the accumulator, if fitted, can be set via the connection on the end of the accumulator. This valve is as per an automotive tyre valve, and so can be checked and adjusted using automotive gauges and pumps. The pressure required within the accumulator relates to the pressure setting of the pump - when a Shure-Flo accumulator is factory fitted, it will be fitted with a Shure-Flo pump set at 30psi, requiring an accumulator pressure set at a manufacturer recommended 20psi.

To further adjust the pressure switch setting, a cover cap must be first be removed from the end of the pump to reveal a pressure adjusting screw, as shown in the photos.

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  4. Please note a second screw mounted below the cover cap is set in position with threadlock, this should not be disturbed. The Swift Group cannot supply an upgraded weight plate, as the gross vehicle weight is set by the base vehicle manufacturer.

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    The base vehicle has been tested and homologated to the declared weight. If extra user payload is required, an upgrade maybe available model dependant , this must be requested via your dealer. If required you will be issued with the following:. The variety and choice of models and layouts available can lead to different weight distribution issues and storage possibilities for customers, this can be confusing when it comes to loading the caravan to achieve the ideal nose weight. We design each model to ensure that our customers can achieve the optimal laden nose weight for towing stability.

    One of the key factors affecting stability is the nose weight, too low a nose weight and the outfit will be unstable, too heavy and you may exceed the technical limitations which is kg on the chassis, but may be lower on the tow car , the best advise therefore is to have the laden nose weight as high as technically possible or practical for the outfit, taking into the account the towing vehicle and caravan nose weight limits. We would like to remind our customers how to prepare their Caravan or Motorhome for storage during the winter months to prevent Frost damage from occurring.

    Frequently Asked Questions The Swift Group believes that every customer has a right to expect good service each and every time contact is made with us. Customer Services Who can service my caravan or motorhome? How does my warranty work? Who can carry out warranty work? How do I register as a new owner?

    Where can I obtain parts for my caravan or motorhome? What is the telephone number for Swift Customer Services? How do I contact my dealer? How do I obtain a handbook? Where can I obtain a brochure? How do I update my service history? What if I have a query about my appliances? What if my insurer use a dealer or repairer not authorised by Swift? I would like a unique modification or non-specific item fitted to my vehicle The Swift Group are a volume manufacturer, and therefore, we are unable to cater for one-off requests for specification changes.

    I have been quoted a long lead time for my product, why is this? Where can I find my nearest Swift Group Dealer?

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    A full list of our dealer network can be found on our here. I am interested in a particular model. How can I find a dealer with a demonstration vehicle? Where can I get spare parts for my caravan? How many years will spare parts be available for my caravan? What if the parts are no longer available?

    Where the original part is no longer available, Swift will try to advise an alternative system. Can I modify my caravan and use non-standard parts? There has been a delay in receiving parts, who can help me? How does the parts system operate? Does my caravan have a warranty? Does the caravan need to be serviced every year? I am having trouble booking my caravan for its service, in line with the requirements, what timescale is acceptable?

    Who can service my caravan?