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You'll be astonished by the pronouncements of scholars who don't cite their sources, who appeal to proof-by-martyrdom, who regard early church creeds as evidence of historical events, and and who think first-century Jews believed in Hell. Please keep Welcome to The Case for Christ , an investigation into the Christian faith with all the intellectual rigor of a teen study Bible. Please keep your hands and your credulity inside the car at all times.

Debunking every piece of nonsense presented in this book would be a book in itself, so I'll stick to underlining a few overarching errors in judgment. Lee Strobel believes that his background as a legal journalist qualifies him to evaluate the validity of the Christian faith.

That's his first mistake. The interview format is a great idea, though, because it allows Strobel to simply record the assertions of his interview subjects without citing sources or asking them to do so. The endnotes Strobel does provide don't begin to cover all the claims his witnesses make. This isn't so bad when someone says, "I think Strobel second mistake is to loudly proclaim his skepticism though he is a professing Christian while interviewing only people who agree with him. Methinks - well, you know. Even in the chapter titled "The Rebuttal Evidence," we don't actually get to see any of the rebuttal evidence; Strobel provides a hasty explanation of the Jesus Seminar, and quickly turns to a conservative scholar, who, unsurprisingly, refutes it.

Strobel tells us that this scholar debates atheists "for fun," yet calls in his expertise only to scoff at the opinions of one small group of liberal theologians, and somehow considers this a fair rebuttal.

Strobel's third and silliest mistake is to apply American legal standards to matters of history, archaeology, literature, and philosophy. This courtroom model leads Strobel to conclude, presumably with a straight face, that if the New Testament writers got the names of the towns and reigning monarchs correct, they probably got everything else right. If you aren't convinced by this ridiculous claim, you may as well stop reading, because there isn't a chapter that follows that isn't predicated on the assumption that the New Testament is historically accurate, even though one of Strobel's later witnesses calls this assumption into question.

At this point, it hardly matters that Strobel is a thoroughly mediocre writer.

Joseph of Arimathea

If you are a curious nonbeliever investigating Christianity, don't bother reading this book. Look for someone who actually made an effort. If you're a Christian and you feel that your faith needs some bolstering by reason, ask yourself whether evidence would change your mind, one way or the other.

If it wouldn't, why bother looking at evidence? If it would, see above about "effort. View 1 comment.

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  • A mountain hamlet in northern Japan claims Jesus Christ was buried there.

Sep 20, Kate rated it it was amazing. This is a great read because it is not one-sided. Lee Strobel is a former journalist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. He uses his skill in research to provide a book that explores the claims of Christianity. I like that Strobel writes almost in a detective-style format, he offers challenges, interrogates witnesses, challenges his sources, and presents the evidence in a blunt and organized manner. He examines the evidence with neutrality and attention to detail. It is refreshing to read a This is a great read because it is not one-sided.


It is refreshing to read a nonfiction book about religion where instead of trying to get a conversion out of the reader, the author is providing evidence and arguments for them to consider. Another positive note is that Strobel provides his research in an engaging way. Being informative and interesting at the same time is hit and miss when it comes to nonfiction, Strobel has succeeded in a home-run.

This tone makes it an enjoyable read while still providing thought-provoking arguments. Dec 04, George rated it it was amazing.

Really guys, what are you disputing? Facts are facts. I was not an atheist, but have done great study on the reliability of the manuscripts of the New Testament. I have also debated in a liberal seminary with professors and scholars which I attended. Their arguments were blowing in the wind. There is NO reason to believe that Jesus was not who He was reported to be.

Although I do not know Lee Strobel, he seems to have put forth a reasonable and well researched argument.

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Is it not liberals that Really guys, what are you disputing? Is it not liberals that ask us conservatives to read with an open mind? From the sound of it, you have already made up your mind before you even opened the book. Please be more open minded to those who disagree with your viewpoint. That is what tolerance is all about. I recommend you read any of Michael Green, C. Chesterton's works as well. Many can be downloaded on your Kindle. My assertion is that we must be reasonable and civil with one another, no matter our beliefs.

Mar 05, Barry rated it did not like it Shelves: spirituality-religious-history. Another book that I had high hopes for that didn't deliver.

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In fact, I think I have less faith in Christ for having read this book. Lee Strobel is a journalist who converted to Christianity from Atheism and now makes millions of dollars selling 'The Case For.. XXX" books. This book supposedly details his journey from skeptic to believer in which he interviews several different experts on topics related to Christ. His conclusions are transparent from the outset and I found the scholarship and Another book that I had high hopes for that didn't deliver. His conclusions are transparent from the outset and I found the scholarship and logic to be extremely lacking.

In the end I was left with a feeling of "if this is the best 'evidence' there is, I see no reason to believe Christ was anything more than a wise Jewish preacher who advocated a break from Pharasitical Jewish law and was eventually killed by the Romans. If anyone else has read or would like to read this book, I'd love to get your take on it. Jun 11, Josh rated it did not like it Shelves: own-in-print. I was challenged by a Christian to read the Case for Christ because I was allegedly making claims that have been refuted in this book as well as in its companion, "The Case for Faith" by the same author.

It is hard to decide where to begin. First of all, I did not find one shred of real evidence in favor of Christianity, but that is perhaps because Strobel immediately did himself a disservice by only visiting professionals who have wasted spent most of their lives building persuasive rationalizations that believers could take as permission to continue believing in the face of blatant contradiction. Theologians and apologists are perhaps the last people someone should consult if he or she is looking for objective evidence concerning the validity of Christianity.

They wouldn't be very good theologians if they admitted honestly that there is no real evidence--that it is only by faith that Christianity is validated--and so the appeal to religious authority makes this book unconvincing. But there is no discussion as to how we know the Bible is divinely revealed, how we know it can be trusted implicitly, what evidence there is besides what the Bible says that would indicate that Jesus was divine--or that the character depicted in the gospels even existed.

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It is not enough for Bruce Metzger to assure me that it's all true. If Neil deGrasse Tyson tried to convince me that the Earth went around the sun, it wouldn't just be me taking his word for it--there would be demonstrable evidence to make a truly compelling case. But that is the difference between science and theology: In science there is supporting knowledge, verification and reproducible demonstration; in theology there is only opinions, authority and subjectivity. Science is self-correcting in the face of new information; theology stubbornly refuses new information and believes that the stasis of its doctrines and faith is the only thing keeping it holy.

Second, there is also a real lack of support for much of the claims being made by the interviewees. They make a claim and move on. No real challenge, no verification. Strobel just takes on faith whatever the theologian has presented because there is also no real evidence that Strobel was a real atheist at the outset of his "spiritual journey. Because the Bible says so! And so do some obscure historical texts that were written and probably later edited by Christians for conformity centuries after the last eyewitnesses passed away.

How do we know the Bible can be trusted? Because they Bible says it can be trusted! And if you trust any ancient history, you shouldn't have any problem accepting the truth of the Bible. Unfortunately for Strobel, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and I don't care if Alexander's best biography came years after he lived because his biographers aren't claiming he is God's one and only begotten Son in whom I should believe or suffer the eternal torments of damnation.

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The only thing I am persuaded of is that this is the kind of anti-intellectual garbage that already-convinced believers give to their young when the young first present doubts so as to stifle any emerging critical faculties that might arise as the youth become adults. Don't think about it.