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Kenneth msg 05h27min de 30 de novembro de UTC. Isso foi votado e decidiram pela retirada delas. Pior: ainda era criticado. Dear Duduzimm! Can you make an article about song Chikni Chameli in Portuguese, and cover which pictured Katrina Kaif? Tem interesse em participar? Espero que se interesse. Fico no aguardo. Aproveito para divulgar o seguinte evento, potencialmente de seu interesse: [3]. Espero ter ajudado. Queremos aprender o quanto apoiamos seu trabalho na wiki. Leituras recomendadas. Welcome to the Portuguese edition of Wikipedia. If you have trouble understanding Portuguese, please consider using Babel so we are aware of your difficulties.

Deve ser maior de idade para participar. Any of the following important factors, and any of those important factors described elsewhere in this or in other of our SEC filings, among other things, could cause our results to differ from any results that might be projected, forecasted or estimated by us in any such forward-looking statements:. PART I. Selected Consolidated Financial Data.

Exchange Rates.

The majority of our revenues, assets, liabilities and expenses are denominated in Euros. We have published our audited consolidated financial statements in Euros, and our shares trade in Euros on the regulated market Euronext Lisbon. Our financial results could be affected by exchange rate fluctuations in the Brazilian Real.

Our dividends, when paid in cash, are denominated in Euros. As a result, exchange rate fluctuations have affected and will affect the U. The Bank of New York converts dividends it receives in foreign currency into U. Exchange rate fluctuations may also affect the U. The following tables show, for the period and dates indicated, certain information regarding the U.

The information is based on the noon buying rate in the City of New York for cable transfers in Euro. Oi records its financial position and results of operations in Brazilian Reais. Concurrently with our investment in Oi, we acquired an interest in Contax, which similarly records its financial. Consequently, exchange rate fluctuations between the Euro and the Brazilian Real affect our revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities.

The Brazilian government may impose temporary restrictions on the conversion of Reais into foreign currencies and on the remittance to foreign investors of proceeds from their investments in Brazil.

Brazilian law permits the government to impose these restrictions whenever there is a serious imbalance in Brazil's balance of payments or reason to foresee a serious imbalance. The current economic and financial crisis has affected, and will likely continue to affect, demand for our products and services, our revenues and our profitability. The global economic and financial crisis, and the current economic recession in Portugal, have had, and are likely to continue to have, an adverse effect on the demand for our products and services and on our revenues and profitability. During , a number of eurozone countries came under severe financial pressure and their ability to raise, refinance and service their debt was put into question by markets, as demonstrated by the record high spreads during most of the year.

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Portugal, along with Greece and Ireland, was forced to seek support packages from the European Central Bank "ECB" and the International Monetary Fund "IMF" under strict conditions, while fear of contagion to other eurozone countries forced governments to reduce debt levels through austerity measures that, at least in the short term, were seen as the cause of slow growth for some countries and stagnation in others. In the following months, Portugal formally requested an economic rescue package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund and negotiated the terms of that package.

As a condition to receiving the economic rescue package, the Portuguese government implemented severe budget-cutting measures that have delayed Portugal's emergence from a recession and weakened consumer demand. Despite a number of high profile summits and meetings the EU was unable to agree and implement a strong coherent policy response to the crisis, prompting fear of default or the exit from the euro of one or more members.

Under pressure during most of , EU members showed an increasing willingness to agree a structured common approach, but they also demonstrated divergent opinions on the way forward and on the measures to be taken. This resulted in the three major rating agencies either downgrading, or putting on the watch list for possible downgrade, a number of sovereign governments which intensified the pressure, even on the stronger eurozone countries.

The ongoing sovereign debt crisis, slow economic growth, dearth of market financing for banks and private sector deleveraging severely affected the eurozone financial system, increasing the possibility of further economic stress in the region, including Portugal. Against the backdrop of the eurozone crisis, the increased risk perception also led to consecutive downgrades of Portuguese sovereign debt by the rating agencies. As one of Portugal's largest companies and one of its largest employers and although a large portion of our business is conducted outside Portugal , Portugal Telecom's financial condition, revenues and profitability are closely linked to circumstances in the Portuguese economy.

The recession in Portugal has had a direct effect on demand for our products and services, contributing to a decline in revenues in across most of the customer categories of our Portuguese telecommunications business. In these and other ways, the global economic and financial crisis and its effect on the European and Portuguese economies has significantly affected, and could continue to significantly affect, our business, liquidity and financial performance.

Financial market conditions may adversely affect our ability to obtain financing, significantly increase our cost of debt and negatively impact the fair value of our assets and liabilities. Beginning in , events in the global and European financial markets have increased the uncertainty and volatility of the financial markets, leading to a significant increase in execution and price risks in financing activities. Since the onset of the crisis, global financial markets and economic conditions have been severely disrupted and volatile and remain subject to significant vulnerabilities, such as the deterioration of fiscal balances and the rapid accumulation of public debt, continued deleveraging in the banking sector and limited supply of credit.

At times during this period, credit markets and the debt and equity capital markets have been exceedingly distressed.

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In and , the financial markets grew increasingly concerned about the ability of certain European countries, particularly Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but also others such as Spain and Italy, to finance their deficits and service growing debt burdens amidst difficult economic conditions. These issues, along with the re-pricing of credit risk and the difficulties currently experienced by financial institutions, have made it difficult for companies to obtain financing, and we expect these difficulties to continue. As a result of the disruptions in the credit markets, many lenders have increased interest rates, enacted tighter lending standards, required more restrictive terms including higher collateral ratios for.

Changes in interest rates and exchange rates may also adversely affect the fair value of our assets and liabilities. If there is a negative impact on the fair values of our assets and liabilities, we could be required to record impairment charges. Notwithstanding our international exposure and diversification and the fact that we believe we have liquidity to repay our debt through the end of , the downgrades of Portugal's sovereign debt described in the preceding risk factor may have a significant effect on our costs of financing, particularly given the size and prominence of our company within the Portuguese economy.

The recent events in Portugal and the other factors described above could adversely affect our ability to obtain future financing to fund our operations and capital needs and adversely impact the pricing terms that we are able to obtain in any new bank financing or issuance of debt securities and thereby negatively impact our liquidity.

Any future ratings downgrades may impair our ability to obtain financing and may significantly increase our cost of debt.