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We'd love to send you something on your special day! What size do you typically wear in athleticwear leggings? If you've never worn leggings, no worries! Just tell us your pant size.

What's your height? This helps us pick the perfect length leggings for you.

Skirt or Pants?

Do you enjoy full length leggings, capris, or both? For this question, ignore the specific patterns or colors shown in the examples. Full Leggings. Capri Leggings. How much, on average, do you spend on a single pair of leggings? How do you feel about other styles of bottoms? Don't rate based on weather - just if you could see yourself wearing these types of clothing. We'll always match the proper sports bra support with the type of activities you're into.

Let us know what fits you best. How do you feel about these types of base layers? A great workout outfit starts with a base layer and is accented with a layering top.

What Style Should I Wear? - Quiz -

Bra Tops. Fitted Tanks. A layering top completes the look, perfect for in and out of the studio. Select the size that best represents how you like your tops to fit.

Want to discover your style personality? Take this fun quiz!

Let us know what you think of these different layering tops! Your rating helps your stylist pick out the right tops to complete your outfit. Short Sleeved. Long Sleeved. How much, on average, do you spend on a single top? How would you best categorize your body shape? Look through the options to help our stylists curate the perfect outfit for your shape.

Hips and bust nearly equal; narrow waist. Hips, waist, and bust nearly equal. Bust larger than hips. Are there any areas you'd prefer to downplay or keep covered?

Style Personality

Rate the following styles! Click an image to enlarge. Bright Patterns Bright colors and bold patterns that make a statement! Bright Solids Color blocked outfits with bold and bright tones that stand out! Neutral Patterns Neutral colors paired with subtle patterns for a classic look. Neutral Solids Staple pieces in neutral colors like cream, gray, navy and black. Rate these sample outfits! Let's get a better idea of your style. Rate these sample outfits so our stylist can put together the perfect outfit for you! These typically take all day, and music videos generally need me to be on set two to three days at a time.

Cover photo from: thezulvanny. Senka Perfect Whip. We dress according to our personality. Style is, after all, a form of self-expression. But do the contents of your lingerie drawer do the same? If your collection needs help, take this quick quiz to find out which lingerie style will suit your personality and lifestyle best. A nice pair of skinny jeans.

A pair of sleek trousers for me, please. Sorry, but I prefer dresses. The one I can comfortably wear wherever and whenever I need. Just a tinge of pink. Red, darling. Peachy, just peachy. Summer B. Winter C.

Can YOU Pass This Style Quiz? - RMRS Fashion Videos

Fall D. Spring If you were to work in the film industry, which role would you take? Anything that lets me move around freely. The director, of course.

The female lead in a romantic film, please. Need a coordinator? Read More. Describe your go-to playlist? Songs with beats that give me extra energy.

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Serene tunes that allow me to focus. A collection of ballads that just make you swoon. Happy songs that give a positive vibe are right up my alley. As someone who loves running, working out, and just about any physical activity, you need undergarments that will not only be comfortable but give you the support you need. Triaction by Triumph is a great choice. The line offers bra fits for every shape. So make sure that underneath your go-to modern-day armour, there are trustworthy undergarments that give your form support.

Ah, love. Spending time with your special someone is an enriching activity, and you make sure to always be dressed properly for it. But before you put on your favourite dress, make sure you have one of the pieces from the Triumph Aqua Lily collection on. Made with 50 per cent lighter Aqua padding, the bras give a natural lift while being lightweight and comfortable. Get the perfect lingerie style for you here. I was doing medicine when I decided to take a break and try my hand at fashion styling.

While I was studying, I watched a ton of live concert videos of my favourite artists on YouTube and that got me interested in the way they chose to dress, which affects their overall image and the impact of their performances. I did more research and found that their individual styles were created by a professional stylist. From then on, I knew that I wanted to be one, too. Share with us a regular day in your life as a fashion stylist.