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My background includes three years as an advertising media planner with Green and Gold Limited. I am also a skilled database programmer. Do you know of anyone who might have a need for someone with my experience? At unstructured settings where you can turn on your networking skills: restaurants and clubs, continuing education classes, parties and other social occasions, on the bus or airplane, and Internet chat rooms.

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Networking And Job Hunting Advice For People Over 50

Search For Jobs. What's your expertise? Job Keywords. Where should we look? Zip Code. Job Type.

Contract With a little research, you should be able to discover:. And if you struggle to get it right, try getting some professional email marketers to weigh in.

50+ and Open Employment Networking Group

Sending cold sales emails is a numbers game. Networking emails, on the other hand, are all about quality. Your results will speak for themselves. Got another networking email subject line to add to our list? Leave your favorite in a comment below:.

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Have Something To Give Contacts 4. Get Ready for a Networking Event 5.

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Benefit from Your Professional Association 6. Minimize the Risk of Helping You 7.

Teach People To Trust You 8. What Is Networking Anyhow?

1. Keep Your Subject Line Short

Who Is a Valuable Contact? Find Key Contacts After Someone Provides Information.

How to Network - Top 5 Networking Tips

Manage Your Career Put Networking on Your Calendar Know Your Networking Arenas Network To Find Answers.